About Me

My name is Sam. I’m an aspiring writer aged 20. I’m also a full-time college student with two jobs, so if it feels like I don’t update a lot, that’s pretty much why.

Apart from writing, my hobbies include making music arrangements, doing image edits, and drawing (mainly Pokémon). I’m not actually good at any of these things; they’re just little creative things I do on the side. I also like to play Pokémon games, watch crack videos on YouTube, and go for long walks.

<shameless self-promotion>I also have a Tumblr blog called verbs-everywhere.tumblr.com where I share my thoughts on writing and generally rant about the upward struggle that is being a writer.</shameless self-promotion>

I’ve been writing in some form or fashion for pretty much my whole life, but it wasn’t until  I was almost 19 that I began to experiment with the whole other animal that is screenwriting. I wrote two feature-length screenplays in the summer of 2012 and never looked back.


I’m one of the lucky ones–I’ve gotten a little bit of recognition already. My senior year of high school I had a play produced, and it went over well. I also got a regional award for my fiction portfolio and wrote a comedic history skit that took first place at a talent show the same year. More recently I wrote a ten-minute film script that made semifinals in a local contest. Didn’t actually get produced, but we had a staged reading, so that was fun.

Anyway, the only reason I mention all this is so that you can know a little bit about my background and why I might feel the need to contribute something to the cyber conversation on TV and TV writing. For more on why this blog exists, check out the “About This Blog” page.

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