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TV Takeaway is the intersection of my professional interest in TV writing and my obsessive, analytical, way-too-left-brained-for-a-creative-person mode of thinking. The primary purpose of this blog is to look at TV episodes, especially pilots, and determine what kinds of devices were used by the writers and what the “takeaway” is about the writing process and about the show itself. Now you know why I had to trace a photo of a takeout carton and put a TV screen on it.


My plans for this blog are very much not set in stone, but you can probably expect to see me posting at some point about my own experiences as a writer–what works for me and what doesn’t, that sort of thing–and other topics related to TV writing. I may even share some of my own writing if I’m feeling especially generous.

I don’t pretend to be an expert, and it’s my hope that building this blog will be a learning opportunity for me as well as for my readers. In the immortal words of a beloved Disney Channel musical number, we’re all in this together. That being said, I encourage readers to offer their own views on and interpretations of the material that I post so that we can all have the richest learning experience possible. Criticism is welcome as long as it’s of the constructive variety and not the stop-inflicting-your-opinions-on-the-world variety.

I do plan to cover a lot of shows on this blog, and I understand that not all of my readers will be familiar with every show that I talk about, but I encourage everyone who has access to Netflix or other streaming services, particularly those of you who want to write for TV, to watch a few episodes along with me and try something new that way. Who knows? You might find a new show that you’ll end up liking.

Enjoy your stay.

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