Oh Say Can You Scene: The Princess Bride

Back when I was a theater kid, we used to watch The Princess Bride in class all the time. We all knew the film, and we all knew we all knew the film. So I have this tendency to assume that everyone has seen The Princess Bride.

A couple of days ago I invited my friend Ty to watch it with me, and it turned out that he hadn’t seen it. Well, you learn something new every day. Continue reading

Oh Say Can You Scene: Match Point

This is a new segment that I’m trying out for the blog, and if it goes well I might do more of them. Although the primary focus of this blog is TV and TV writing, I’m also interested in feature-length films and the examples that they provide of good writing and storytelling techniques. Instead of trying to analyze an entire film, however, I’m going to be focusing on one particular scene from a film. I hope that you enjoy it. Continue reading