TV Takeaway Unscripted: Bates Motel

Following the success of the video that Haley and I made for the blog, we decided to make another video. Except this time, we made it a little more focused. Haley is a fan of the show Bates Motel. I had never seen it, so we watched the pilot together and recorded our reactions to it.

I’ve had the thought in the back of my head for a while that I might like to make a commentary video, and although the editing is sub-par and still heavily favors the jump cut, I hope you’ll enjoy Haley’s interpretation as a fan and my response to seeing the material for the first time.

(Be warned, this episode contains a rape scene. It’s not shown here, but it’s discussed.)

TV Takeaway–Unscripted

One of the things I like about written communication is that it gives you the opportunity to edit yourself. Before I post anything on this blog, I have the opportunity to look over it, check my wording, and make it as good as possible. You can do the same thing with texting and e-mail too. It’s great.

But recently I got to thinking, what if I showed people how my thought process looks on the first try? So, for my first video post on this blog, I got together with my friend Haley and had her ask me some questions about screenwriting.

I edited the video for time, so there was a significant amount of selection involved, but all of my responses here are unscripted. Watch and enjoy. Or, alternatively, watch and be glad that writing is my preferred mode of discourse.

By the way, we hit ‘stop’ before I realized that I’d mentioned a workshop without giving a time or place for it. The creative writing workshop will take place at 5pm on March the 27th at the Texas State Writing Center. It will be preceded at 4pm by a workshop on screenwriting specifically.